About Lipstick & Gearsticks

Why hello there! Welcome to Lipstick and Gearsticks!

If there’s one thing I am, it’s a motoring enthusiast. To be fair, I am a day-to-day motoring enthusiast, more about having fun while ripping around than going to race days or spending the day plonked in front of the tv watching the Clipsal 500.

My motoring enthusiasms are about the passion. Bring on a car that has the power to make you grin, and a turbo swoosh that gets you going. I want fantastic mag wheels, a dashboard to drool over, technology that lights you up, and styling that looks better than the latest catwalk show. And if it matches my best handbag, all the better.

I’m also sick to death of the assumptions that ladies only want a little hatchback (oh cute!) or a mega SUV (hey there Ford Territory) to fit their single-dimensional lives (there are only two female states – married with kids or single). Rubbish! We know that women buy just as many cars as men. And we also know that over 80% of all car purchases are either decided on wholly, or influenced, by women.

Lipstick and Gearsticks aims to review cars and other motoring good things to give you an unbiased, very fun, view of the brilliant motoring options out there. Let’s do it!

PS: Am I qualified? Sure am! Fully car licensed, full motorcycle licence, experience in off-road cars & bikes, and have trained with outfits from BMW off-road riding to the Subaru skid pans in a very serious Subaru WRX. Press Accredited.