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The Pet Tube

It’s really important to keep your furry critter safe and property restrained in the back seat of the car, and I’ve been a fan of the ‘seat saver’ type concept for years. Bottom line, I have two huskies and fabric seats. The fur that gets smooshed all over the seats is just horrendous. I’m also an epic fan of pet rescue (feel free to support Siberian Husky Rescue Vic because they are brilliant) so the perfect combination is this great pet tube which you can buy online via Rescued! Is my Favourite Breed on Amazon. It’s less than USD$80 plus shipping.


It’s a great option as it keeps them snug and safe and the Pet Tube tethers to the seat so your dogs are safely restrained. And look! Clean seats! I’ll let you know if I can track down an Australian supplier.

If I lose my keys one more time…..

Keyrings, like hangbags and sunglasses, are an incredibly personal choice and do go a way to broadcast your fashion credentials. I never used to care and just used plain metal rings but also kept losing my keys. And I always coveted the iconic Tiffany & Co “Return to Tiffany” keyring in sterling silver but never got off my tail to buy one.

Then I was sent a very cool keyring which I cart around to this day. It’s a little black bird by Qualy (easy to find in a very crowded handbag) that’s a secret whistle and IT HAS A HOUSE! You can stick the little white bird house on a wall anywhere in your house, and when you get home you put the bird back in the house! And then you know where your keys are! It’s dead cute. You can pick them up for $18.95 from Outliving or HardToFind.


The Sparrow keyring that I have. Mine came from a friend but you can get them for $18.95 at Outliving.

But let’s get on the topic of missing keys. It’s the worst and can crush a day in seconds into an old tuna can of evil. When I was a kid, the car keys went missing in an event that went down in history as “The Brunswick Incident”. “The Brunswick Incident” caused arguments, frantic tossing of household items, general grumpy behaviour, accusations, and ended up with a train trip from Melbourne back to Ballarat to get the spares, and a train trip back with the spares. Just in time for the original set of missing keys to be located in a kitchen drawer.

I am now highly skilled at breaking into my own home – my core skill I’ve learnt in life is walking out of the house without my keys. I am also gifted at dropping them. There was also a brilliant incident where I had a (very rare) argument with my then-boyfriend resulting in us both storming off and agreeing to take a few days away from each other. My huffiness was of such an epic scale I had to shamefacedly ring him 45 minutes later as he had the only spare key to the apartment. Because mine were sitting on the kitchen bench and I was sitting in a park bench over the road eating Twisties through my embarrassment. Yeah, take THAT! I don’t need you anyway, mister.

But, times have changed. I had to call my boyfriend from a payphone because I didn’t own a mobile phone (look, I’m old ok). Now, we can just play with a smartphone app and find anything in the world. I’m just waiting for the day when form and function has been combined and an Alexander McQueen keyring has a tiny tracking chip in it. And I’m sure it’s not too much to ask that the keys can levitate through an open window for when we lock ourselves out of the house.

While I was researching this article, I got completely distracted on Net-a-Porter after loading in the search term “key ring” which resulted in 105 stunning rings and 6 key rings, most of which were dead ugly comedy items that no respecting fashionsta, let along no respecting bogan, would hang their keys off. Granted, there was a quite hilarious Karl Lagerfield number shaped like a cat wearing sunglasses, but the one I was secretly hoping to see was an Alexander McQueen skull keyring and I was not disappointed. Well, I was slightly disappointed with the red colour of it, but I LOVE the style. It’s just under $250 and can be shopped here, and it’s silvery (but not silver), has Swarovskis on it, some really nice hardware, and a snifter of leather. I am actually contemplating buying it, which says a lot because I am a bit of a tight-arse.


Loving Alexander McQueen. As always. Smooch.

The classic key ring. From the “Return to Tiffany” collection, the Heart Tag Key Ring in sterling silver with a Tiffany Blue enamel finish is simple, stunning and $170 here. Tiffany & Co.


‘Return to Tiffany’ has a unique code so if you lose your keys & it does get returned to Tiffany, Tiffany will return it to you

From Svarovski, the pretty “Near Key Ring” can be shopped here for $120 and depicts love & luck – the key & four-leaf-clovers. It also has a really pretty crystal pave effect on a strong ring. For those who love a pretty, feminine keyring.


Swarovski has done some lovely, pretty keyrings

I’m also having a little bit of a sulk because there was a really cool item on the Swarovski website, the “USB Keyring in Jet Hematite” but because they openly say that it’s for blokes (!) I’m not linking to it or posting a pic. So there.

Georg Jensen “Elephant Keyring” in aluminum is available here for $70, which is great value for something so elegant. And it also looks like it would open bottles of cider and beer, which is a theory I would very much like to test out.


I really hope this can open beer.

The “Graduation” keyring from Uberkate is $285 and can be shopped online here. It’s sterling silver and can be customised with names of whoever you darn well want to put on there. You might be inclined to put your family on it, and I might just be inclined to have Bring Back Firefly printed on it, because I am a nerd. Apparently.


Bring back Firefly. Or my dog’s names.

¬†Before I look at the high-tech stuff, I’ve really got to recommend you take a look at Etsy for some genuinely innovative, really cost-effective keyrings. From silver mooses to customised & printed metal guitar pick ones, there’s all manner of really stylish gear on there, and definitely worth a perv.


BiKN for iPhones – keeps your keys and iPhone electronically tethered

¬†Mashable is one of the coolest tech and digital websites out there and they have done the hard yards and researched 10 ways you can locate your lost keys over here. Did you know you can get a keyring device called HipKey that blares out an alarm if your keys are separated more than 50 metres from your iPhone and uses the same technology that Find my iPhone uses? You can attach Bluetooth stickers to your keyring of choice and hunt your keys down that way. You can set up a ‘virtual leash’ for your keys. Tile is another Apple one that is also one of the most cost-effective and our personal favorite. It’s also cute enough to want to have actually hanging off your keyring. BiKN tracks your keys down once they’re virtually tied to your iPhone and also includes a special tracking iPhone case that works even if your iPhone battery is flat or it’s switched off. It’s also very cute and full of all the bright colours.


Tile. It’s very cool. I’m seriously thinking about getting it.

Whether you’re after a solid, aesthetic, styling keyring or enjoying the best that the tech world has to offer, in theory, there is no longer any excuse to use a crappy circle of metal instead of a styling or high-tech key ring. We should never lose our keys again. But we all know we will.

Good luck climbing into your windows wearing kitten heels. We’ve all get epic tales to tell about losing the house or car keys. I’d LOVE to hear some of yours.