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Take a fleet of Alfa’s, add coffee, and blend with Fashion Week

The powerhouse Sweaty Betty PR are the queens of collaboration. Kicking off with Vittoria Coffee, takeaway coffee cups went from every day to eye-popping, with a hand-picked cluster of our most amazing design houses designing new Vittoria coffee cups, each with their own unique signature. A great promo and collab in itself.

Romance was Born design, image via @Vittoria_coffee

Romance was Born design, image via @Vittoria_coffee

But taking it a step further, the crew at Sweaty Betty created gorgeous skins for their fleet of Fashion Week Alfa Romeos, transforming each Alfa into a design showcase. Loves.

And here come the Alfa's! Image via @sweatybettypr

And here come the Alfa’s! Image via @sweatybettypr