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We recommend: Babes Ride Out


We’re loving Babes Ride Out, who run annual female only campouts for us ladies who bike. They’ve got a fabulous Instagram account at  and a website here where you can buy tickets and t-shirts here.

Based in California and running awesome campouts in October every year, I narrowly missed attending last year as I ended up in Cali in November, but should be able to make it this year. Can’t wait! The Instagram is fantastic and worth checking out if you’re into some epic, great photography. All photos used in this blog were found on the Babes Ride Out Instagram.



Meet ‘For Foxes’ Sake

For Foxes Sake Row Murray sex education sex ed teenage girls tween girls sexting

Greetings readers!

I’ve been revisiting some fresh ideas for Lipstick & Gearsticks and am really looking forward to firing up this blog again. In the meantime, I mentioned a few months back that I had been quiet because I was locked up in a dark room writing a book. I’m delighted to advise that ‘For Foxes’ Sake’ is out there and available on Amazon, iTunes and Paperback. Here’s the spin!

“Everyone needs a sex fairy godmother. That person you can talk to about sex, drugs, rock n roll ad how to find the perfect shade of lip gloss. With practical advice and guidance on topics as diverse as consent, body confidence, making home porn, online bullying, sexting and being a digitally savvy girl, this is the book that every girl – and their parents – should read.

“Warm, funny, honest and accurate, this book cracks open the fabulous weirdness of sex. We know what girls are facing today, so let’s rock savvy self-confidence, digital smarts and self-respect.”

I know I’ve been quiet…


Hi guys!

Lipstick & Gearsticks has been a passion project of mine for ages, something I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve loved it.

It’s easy to see by flicking through the post archives that this has been a very quiet corner of the internets indeed over the last year or so….

Well, while I was gone I wrote a book. A whole, big, fat book. The next couple of weeks will be super busy as the book is in production and hits the shelves, then I am so looking forward to coming back and posting here again. In November, I have some road trips with a twist planned and I’m looking forward to bringing them to you!

I’m really looking forward to coming back to this little corner of the internet. I’ve missed this so much!

Cheers, Row xx

Epic Cars Guide

This past month has been a little quiet while we did some market research to really find out what you wanted to read on Lipstick and Gearsticks. It’s been brilliant talking to many of our readers and we’re really excited about having a solid direction to head in.

Lipstick and Gearsticks is still a very new blog, and started for the sole reason that I am passionate about cars and wanted to have a little place on the interwebz to pour that passion into. And I got a wonderful surprise – traffic zoomed from day one – so it quickly evolved and here we are!

Later this year, I’m excited to be heading off to the Paris Motor Show, and I’ve got a lot more planned than just rocking up to the Show and taking some bad Instagram pics……

I’m also launching an Epic Cars Guide in late June. More than just a summary of car data you can pull from any dealer site or website, we compare, rate, and review and create the ultimate cars buying guide. #ambitious

We’ve interviewed some amazing motoristas (and their cars) in the past month, reviewed some very hot cars, and looked (a LOT) and what car brands are doing to market and advertise to their most important – yet most overlooked – demographic. There’s LOTS of content to come, some fresh features, hot cars and more.

Bring it on!

Follow us on for fabulous pics of some of our favourite motoristas

Follow us on for fabulous pics of some of our favourite motoristas


Hating hairdressers sometimes works

Image via

Image via

I loathe going to the hairdresser. I get so bored and crabby. Good thing I know how to do my own 30vol scalp bleach or I’d look like a badger. If you’re of a similar ilk, you’ll enjoy this blog just a touch, and I have to say that hair^^ looks like it belongs to the owner of a hairdresser lover, not loather. Ah the power of an epic blow dry.

Lipstick News Bulletin

Hi lovely readers! Lipstick and Gearsticks has been a little quiet in January. Well, there’s a rather good reason for it. I launched this blog late last year – my motoring obsession needed an outlet so I set my little blog up – pretty much just for me.

The traffic exploded a bit. Well, a lot. Which is really exciting, but it also means that within about a week I was already getting fed up with the limitations on the functionality of the blog. And as I got more traffic, more enquiries and more opportunities to do some very cool stuff, it got more irritating. So I’ve held off on posting because I’ve been doing some web development in the back end, and this weekend (as long as I haven’t broken anything) the blog is getting an upgrade with new functionality, more hosting, more features, and all of the good things.

I’ve got lots of content ready to go, as soon as the new version of Lipstick and Gearsticks is live. We’re looking forward to it! Mwah xx

Happy New Year


It’s been an amazing year this year. So much has happened, and so much has changed. While I’m embarking on new adventures that I’m so passionate and rev-heady about, I wish you all a fabulous New Year’s Eve, and all the best for a cracking 2014. First cab off the rank is to settle down to watch the Dakar. It’s about my favourite thing in the world, aside from The Deadliest Catch, before the world goes all crazy busy again. Bring on the crazy busy! What are you guys up to for New Years, and what are your epic plans for 2014?

I hope 2014 brings you everything you wish for and more! Cheers, Row xx