Terms of Use

I love getting feedback & comments from my readers. It’s rather awesome. Except when it’s racist, sexist (seriously, as IF I’d approve that), infested with trolls & just plain annoying. In a nutshell, I reserve the right to do whatever I want with your comments, & that includes not approving them, or editing them. You don’t like it, don’t post.

Now, why would I want to moderate comments before I push them live?

Aside from keeping this blog a nice place on the internets to hang out, I don’t feed trolls. While I’m a good cook, I prefer feeding friends and people I like, to keyboard warriors with an axe to grind.

Readers also need to be aware that anything that could lead to a risk of legal action, such as slanderous or defamatory comments, isn’t going to get an airing here. Lipstick & Gearsticks is not your personal “I had bad customer service” hotline. In Australia, there are laws (yes, really, just ask the ACCC and Advertising Standards Board) that state if comments are made that are factually incorrect or a misrepresentation of a product, must be removed by me within 24 hours or I risk prosecution and/or fines. That includes comments you guys make, both on the blog and on my social media channels like Facebook. In simple terms, if you have a rant that you can’t back up in a court of law, and I don’t edit or remove it, it’s me that gets into trouble, not you.

I think you guys are awesome. And I’m all for active discussion and the sharing of opinions. Comments that are constructive, accurate, interesting, engaging & insightful are welcomed in spades and I love hearing from you, and talking to you. So get on here and post away!