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Hi lovely readers! Lipstick and Gearsticks has been a little quiet in January. Well, there’s a rather good reason for it. I launched this blog late last year – my motoring obsession needed an outlet so I set my little blog up – pretty much just for me.

The traffic exploded a bit. Well, a lot. Which is really exciting, but it also means that within about a week I was already getting fed up with the limitations on the functionality of the blog. And as I got more traffic, more enquiries and more opportunities to do some very cool stuff, it got more irritating. So I’ve held off on posting because I’ve been doing some web development in the back end, and this weekend (as long as I haven’t broken anything) the blog is getting an upgrade with new functionality, more hosting, more features, and all of the good things.

I’ve got lots of content ready to go, as soon as the new version of Lipstick and Gearsticks is live. We’re looking forward to it! Mwah xx

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  1. rowena
    January 27, 2014 at 2:05 am (6 years ago)

    Just a quick update. Finger crossed, I think we’ve got it nailed.


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