Meet ‘For Foxes’ Sake

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Greetings readers!

I’ve been revisiting some fresh ideas for Lipstick & Gearsticks and am really looking forward to firing up this blog again. In the meantime, I mentioned a few months back that I had been quiet because I was locked up in a dark room writing a book. I’m delighted to advise that ‘For Foxes’ Sake’ is out there and available on Amazon, iTunes and Paperback. Here’s the spin!

“Everyone needs a sex fairy godmother. That person you can talk to about sex, drugs, rock n roll ad how to find the perfect shade of lip gloss. With practical advice and guidance on topics as diverse as consent, body confidence, making home porn, online bullying, sexting and being a digitally savvy girl, this is the book that every girl – and their parents – should read.

“Warm, funny, honest and accurate, this book cracks open the fabulous weirdness of sex. We know what girls are facing today, so let’s rock savvy self-confidence, digital smarts and self-respect.”

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