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Getting Royally Giddy in the Bentley Flying Spur

Photo by Mark Cuthbert

William and Kate have a new car – the stunning Flying Spur – a new, £250,000 armored Bentley.

Photo by Mark Cuthbert

Photo by Mark Cuthbert

A Kensington Palace spokesman told the Daily Mail: “The Bentley is being leased by the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry for official engagements, which is no different to any other member of the Royal family.”

The Flying Spur boasts a top speed of 200mph, wi-fi internet, an immaculate walnut interior, and being fully armoured, has triple glazed, bullet-proof windows with 1.5inch glass, hardened steel armour and tyres that don’t deflate when punctured. It will also be incredibly heavy, so while it will handle beautifully, their driver probably has excellent biceps and triceps. Shame he probably wears a Zegna suit every day instead of a singlet.

The Bentley Flying Spur Lipstick and gearsticks

The Bentley Flying Spur