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Porsche Macan only two months away

The Porsche Macan is hitting Australian shores in June 2014. While Porsche have said they’ve ordered plenty in their first batch, all predictions are pointing to a massive sales success for the brand and those who don’t get their orders in early are likely to be waiting until next year to get their paws on this rather gorgeous car. It’s hotly tipped to become the best-selling Porsche model in less than 12 months.

All signs point to a whole lot of win for the Porsche Macan.

A smaller cousin to the Cayenne, the Porsche Macan (pronounced Mac-arn and meaning Tiger) has three models, all with a seven-speed dual-clutch “PDK” auto transmission. Early reviews say it performs better than expected for this style of transmission, another good sign.

Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan, image courtesy of Porsche

The three models kick off with a turbo diesel, and two twin turbo petrol models (a 3-litre V6 and top of the range 3.6L V6).

The Macan looks a lot like a Cayenne from the front, as Porsche was looking to maintain the style while going compact and it’s worked beautifully.

While the Macan is more compact than then Cayenne, there’s a 500 litre cargo space with the rear seats up, and a pretty epic 1500 litres with the rear seats stashed out of the way.

The Macan has eight airbags and is likely to score a five-star safety rating.

The pricing for the Australian market is sitting between $85K and $123K. It’s certainly not the cheapest compact SUV on the market, but it’s a much lower price point than we initially expected.

To get your order in or find out more about the Porsche Macan, head on over here.

Torah Bright is a Porsche Girl

The Porsche Cayenne. Images thanks to Porsche.

You’ve got to admire someone who loves going fast and has such a passion for life. Torah Bright, the Australian snowboarder who is about to represent Australia at the Sochi Winter Olympics, is a keen motorista and spoke recently about her passion for Porsches.


The Porsche Cayenne. Images thanks to Porsche.

The Porsche Cayenne. Images thanks to Porsche.


Watch Torah win Gold at the Vancouver games in 2010.

Torah, we wish you all the luck in the world for the Sochi Olympics.

Readers can follow Torah on Twitter here.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 8.51.17 PM

Porsche Macan: the compact SUV

Maria Sharapova is a global brand ambassador for Porsche

Porsche has just unveiled the new Macan Mini SUV at last week’s LA Auto Show. The mini SUV is fast taking off as a style, size and body shape that we want to be driving. 4WD options, good boot space, a bit of height, a bit of heft and plenty of room for your life (such as my neighbour who has a dog, three really cool kids and works as a homewares stylist, so you can imagine what she manages to fit into her car) and a lot more style than the ‘tanks’ is what these models are all about.

Let’s look quickly at the detail:

  • The Porsche Macan is hotly tipped to be the biggest-selling Porsche in Australia within the year. This is going to be THE car to drive.
  • It’s name is derived from the Indonesian word for Tiger. RAWR.
  • The Macan is 1.5 metres smaller and 200 kgs lighter than the Cayenne (who is getting a facelift next year).
  • It’s arriving in Australia in early 2014.
  • There are three models in the Macan range, all 7-speed and all 6-cylinder. These three hotties will comprise the S, Diesel S, and Turbo.
  • It’s pretty fast, with the Turbo having nailed the Nurburgring in the low-eight-minute range, which pitches it up against the BMW M3 for pace.
  • There are unconfirmed rumours that the Macan will come out in a 4-cylinder, lower-cost model, but no formal announcement has been made.
  • The buzz is that the interiors are what you’d expect from Porsche.
  • The price for the Australian market is yet to be confirmed.

So shall we perv on the Macan? From the images provided so far, glossy black, charcoal, cobalt and ruby red look to be the colour range, although final specs haven’t been released, and we don’t know if all options will be available in Australia yet.

Porsche Macan Lipstick and Gearsticks

The Porsche Macan

So what is the Macan, at the luxury level, lining up against? The Range Rover Evoque, the Audi Q5 (the Audi Q5 and Macan will be sharing a body platform), the BMW X3 and the yet-to-be-released Jaguar SUV.

Looking at the day-to-day major brands doing a good job of the fast-growing mini-SUVs, the Nissan Dualis is brilliant and a huge personal favourite of ours. I’ve got a creepy feeling the Dualis will be the next thing in my driveway. The brand-new Suzuki S-Cross is another goodie and the Skoda Yeti has definitely carved a place for itself. These three cars are similar in size and dimension to each other, and at just one foot longer than the Dualis, the Macan is undeniably Porsche in its styling.

Porsche and the female customer

Porsche is an iconic sportscar brand and has been actively been chasing the female driver (and enjoying record sales figures), having appointed Maria Sharapova as a global brand ambassador last year. While we’re talking marketing and branding, Porsche having moved into 4-door / SUV stylings with the Cayenne and Panamera has opened up the market for people who have always adored the brand and the excitement it stands for, but still have kids, dogs and groceries to deal with. The more female-centric, day-to-day approach has seen sales of Porsche’s to women nearly double from 8% to 15% in the last two years alone. The marketing has been all Porsche and stayed true to the brand.

We’d love to see more colour choice, actually scrap that, more innovative colours. Glamourous metallic red wines, or sexy petrol teals, or an Emerald green to drop jaws. Now that’s what would make the Macan a must-buy for me.

What do you think of Porsche heading into compact SUV territory? And what colour would you want to buy?

Maria Sharapova is a global brand ambassador for Porsche

Maria Sharapova is a global brand ambassador for Porsche