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Winter is here

crop_shutterstock_81596746Winter is coming? Pfft, you know NOTHING Jon Snow. Winter in Melbourne is well and truly here already. We’ve had Southbank by the Yarra River under water in the past 24 hours, and it’s pretty bitey out there. So here is some sunshine, a pop of yellow and a polka-dotted dress to cheer you up.

Hating hairdressers sometimes works

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I loathe going to the hairdresser. I get so bored and crabby. Good thing I know how to do my own 30vol scalp bleach or I’d look like a badger. If you’re of a similar ilk, you’ll enjoy this blog just a touch, and I have to say that hair^^ looks like it belongs to the owner of a hairdresser lover, not loather. Ah the power of an epic blow dry.